How to Get Qualified for a Seizure Service Dog

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If your suffer from epilepsy, you may qualify for a seizure service dog. You just need to gather all the relevant documents and apply at a service dog program of your choosing.

Step 1

Qualify as as a serious epileptic. According to the the Social Security Administration's official listing for epilepsy, you will only qualify as a convulsive epileptic if you suffer from at least one seizure per month and a non-convulsive epileptic if you suffer from at least one seizure per week. If you don't meet these requirements but can prove your condition interferes with your day-to-day living, you may also qualify under medical-vocational guidelines.

Step 2

Choose a service animal program at pet partners. These programs train dogs to deal with all types of disabilities, including seizures.When choosing the right program there are a two things you should consider: first, if Assistant Dog International has endorsed the program and, second, how long the program has been in operation. Remember, there are always companies offering short cuts.

Step 3

Apply at the service dog program with all necessary documents. Be prepared to be interviewed. Once you have completed the application you will have to wait a few weeks before you find out if they have accepted you. If a program rejects your application, the Delta Society suggests you "don't give up ... another trainer may have different requirements."

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