How to Put Ponytails on a Dog

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Whether your pup's hair is covering her eyes or you just want to give her extra sparkle at the dog park, putting her hair in ponytails is an adorable solution. And, unlike other, more complicated doggie hairstyles, ponytails are easy to do yourself.

Step 1

Comb the sections of hair you want in ponytails using a fine-toothed comb. Pull the hair up and away from your dog's head through gentle strokes. Section off the parameters of ponytail A and B using the center of your dog's head as a midpoint. This will ensure the ponytails are even.

Step 2

Secure a barrette around the hair for ponytail B to hold its place. Continue holding the hair for ponytail A in your opposite hand so you don't have to gather it again. Wrap a latex hair band around ponytail A so it sits half an inch above your dog's skin. Leaving some distance between the hairband and your pup's skin prevents the ponytail from being too tight and irritating.

Step 3

Remove the barrette from ponytail B and wrap a latex hairband around the hair, half an inch above the scalp, just as before. Latex hairbands prevent your dog's hair from slipping through the elastic without painful pulls or snags. Never remove a ponytail by pulling out the latex hairband. This will cause the latex to pull painfully against your dog's hair. Instead, remove your dog's ponytails by snipping the hairbands with nail scissors.



  • Before styling your dog's hair, glue a small bow to each of the latex hairbands. This will save you from tying the bows in afterward.
  • Styling your pup's hair requires patience and trust. Help your dog become comfortable with you touching her hair through daily brushing and combing.


  • Remove your pup's ponytails before giving her a bath. Washing her fur with the latex hairband in place is likely to cause knotting.

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